I’m excited today about marriage moments park too. We’re going to be talking about marriage and just one moment. And uh, yesterday I drove 15 hours with three kids and adults to get Amarillo Church here and teach today. So I want us to pray. I want you to stretch your hands towards me. Uh, I’ll say this also got up and got him all dressed by myself. Hey, now y’all Yoda. Somebody ought to give me a hand clap. So I’ve got to say I’m proud. Their hair even looks good, although really my oldest daughter does all their hair, so I can’t take any credit for that. But, uh, yesterday in the car, my kids, listen, I’m thankful for the Internet in my car. Now my kids watched about 15 hours of duck dynasty yesterday. And you, older parents who actually parented your children. We have devices for that. It’s handy.

And that young parents, hey, let’s do this. Let’s pray that God help us. I really think this part of the year when we talk about marriage and families, one of the most important times we have as a church, I know this, the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy and he hates your marriage and your family, but God wants to strengthen your marriage and he wants to strengthen your family and I believe that the word of the Lord is going to come and help us together. It’s going to help you. It’s going to help me. It’s going to help us all. Come on, let’s ask the help or to invade this place you’re comfortable with that you might want to lift a hand to heaven and let’s pray. Father, I thank you now for the help of the Holy Spirit. Right now we declare that our ears are open unto your word.

We say you’re speaking to us, Lord. Now I pray you quicken my tongue, Lord, make it the pin of already rider helped me to say your words and your Amarillo Church words only father. I think at that everything said brings grace edifies and lifts us. Honor, Lord helped me as a pastor, helped me as a father and helped me as a husband. Now help me teach your people to do the same in all of our roles in Jesus’ mighty name. And the Church said, Amen. So we’re talking about marriage moments. And really the idea is that all of our marriages and all of our lives really aren’t made up of months or years or decades. Really. It’s a string of moments is all that we have. So I believe this with all of my heart. I believe that God’s gift unto us is the gift of time. Somebody say amen to that. He gives us time.

And so I believe this. I believe that, uh, you lose your money, you can get more money. You lose your time, you’re not getting time back. Uh, you, you lose stuff. You can get more stuff. But if you lose your time, you don’t get your time back. So I want to maximize every moment that God’s given us, Jesse and on. Now we’ve been married coming up this year, just coming up this May. It will be 19 years that we’ve been married together. I know it’s hard to believe because I look like I’m in my early twenties but I’ve been married 19 years. Right? And, uh, and I’ll say this, we’ve had some, some fantastic moments. We’ve had some fabulous moments in marriage. I’ve seen incredible things. We have three beautiful children. We’ve been privileged to get to pastor into pioneer this church. Uh, we, we’ve had mountain top experiences.

We’ve also had some terrible moments at any of you that have been married for more than five minutes. How many all would agree with me that marriage is full of some wonderful moments. Somebody say amen to that, but it’s also full of some terrible moments. Somebody say amen to that. And anybody that wants to tell you that marriage is all great. They end, they never fight, and they never have any trouble. They never have any problems. I’ve been to all the conferences. I’ve read all the books and angers. Some people that act like their marriage is just a walk in the park every day and there’s little birds chirping and there’s rainbows overhead and little puppies are coming up and you know a snuggling their feet at every moment of their marriage. Just look at your neighbor and tell them they’re a liar to sell Nana.

They’re liars because I know in marriage when you read the Bible, we don’t get to chapter three until the marriage first. Marriage destroys the whole world that we’re living in. Come on, Ryan. It takes us three chapters. Doesn’t happen in as equal, doesn’t happen in revelation. It happens in genesis chapter three so we want to maximize the moments. This is what this series is about. Learning to get the best out of every moment, to have the better moments instead of the bad moments. How many? All one more good moments and bad moments in your marriage. Somebody give God a hand clap. You agree with that? We won’t lower good moments, so we have to feed them. I want you to open up your Bible to genesis chapter three. All right, we’re going to look at the first marriage. Marriage is such a big deal. You don’t read much about God or the Bible or man, it goes immediately into the marriage story.

And, uh, every year, whenever I get ready to teach on this, I know that the devil is going to Tim try and tell somebody, stuff’s going to happen to me and Jessie and her marriage, right? We get ready to teach this. I just get ready. I get loaded for bear. And the other day I was helping, uh, my oldest child with some junior high mathematics. And for the life of me, I don’t remember junior high math been as difficult as it is now. It’s just gotten and more difficult. But, but I was doing junior high math with her and, uh, I walk out of the room and I walked back and I could tell she’s doing a good job right now, but she kinda, she kinda just threw an answer up on a problem and guest and a problem. And now you can guess on an essay test.

And kind of how many I’ve ever written an essay answer that you were just taking the question, rewriting it and trying to, trying to just Kinda, you know, smoke your way through an essay. Let me see all you people out there. Yeah, y’all are my people right now. Those are my people. Right? Um, so you can guess in a humanities course, but you’re not going to be able to get us in mathematics, right? Because the numbers are, the numbers are the numbers. And if you don’t think that’s the way it is, just wait until the end of the month with your bank account. And the Baker’s not going to let you guess on your balance. He wants, he wants you to know what’s in there, right? So you don’t overdraw your account. So I’m looking at it at Bradley and I’m like, listen, I can tell you guests on this answer.

And I said guessing in math, we’ll do nothing for you in life. How many don’t think got some solid parenting advice, right? Guessing in math, we’ll do nothing for you in life. And so I’ll walk back into the bathroom and Jessie’s getting ready to open the door. She looks up at me and she said, did you just say that Jesse has done nothing for me in life? Is that when I heard you say? And that’s as I said, no, no. She looked at me, she said, are you just wanting to fight this morning or what’s up? You know? And I’m like, no. I said, I said, guessing not Jesse, and how many all I’ve ever been there? Come on. Y’All know what I’m talking about. Right? So, so come on, let’s maximize the Amarillo Church moment and communicate. But, but we look here and, uh, one of the first big communication breakdowns, it happens in genesis chapter three.

We got Adam, we got to, even if you have your Bible and you don’t want you to go and open it up, genesis chapter three, verse one now won’t you to stay with me because we’re going to read quite a bit of scripture. We’re going to read, Oh, maybe 20 verses here. All right, so genesis chapter three and this will be out of the new King James version. A genesis is pretty easy to find. You open up the front of the Bible, you go three pages over. All right, James is the chef three and here’s what it says. It says this. Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field, which the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman, has God indeed said, you shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Help me. Oh No. One of the devil’s primary strategies is to try to twist and put a question mark about the word of God.

Come on, somebody. Say Amen to that. So what the devil tries to do in your marriage, it’s what the devil tries to do in our culture. So at the devil’s trying to do with our children right now, all over America has the Lord really said that that’s the strategy of the devil. So you better know that there’s an enemy that wants to twist God’s word and you better know there’s an enemy. One of the worst things we can do as a people is ignore the enemy that’s out there. There’s a devil, the serpent slithers into the garden and a verse two it says this, and the woman said to the serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden, but the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, you shall not eat it, nor shall you touch it lest you die.

Then the serpent said to the woman, you will not surely die for God knows. In the days you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you’ll be like God knowing good and evil. So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her and he ate. Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings. They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden. Then the Lord God called to Adam and said to them, where?

Argue. So he said, I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself. And he said, who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat? Then the man said, the woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I ate. Everybody said, it’s the woman’s fault. It’s the woman’s fault. Verse 13 the Lord God said to the woman, what is this you’ve done? The woman said, the serpent deceived me and I now she’s saying it’s the devil’s fault. Verse 14 the Lord God said to the serpent, because you have done this, you are cursed more than all cattle and more than every beast of the field on your belly. You shall go and you shall eat.

Dust all the days of your life. Now we’ll put in Metairie between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed, he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel to the woman. He said, I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception in pain. You shall bring forth children. Your desires shall be for your husband and he shall rule over again. Then to Adam, he said, because you’ve heated the voice of your wife and have eaten from the tree of which I commanded you, saying you shall not eat of it. Cursed is the crown for your sake. In total, you shall eat of it all the days of your life, both thorns and thistles. It shall bring forth for you and you shall eat the herb of the field in the sweat of your face. You shall eat bread until you return to the ground for out of it, you were taken for dust.

You are and till dust you shall return. If we read the first marriage so messed up the earth that now women, you had pain or our labor in childbirth. Right now I’m sweating like Whitney Houston and some of the last years and it is all Adam and Eve’s fault, right? If we can get our marriages right, we wouldn’t be in this mess that we were in. How many y’all would like to go back to the garden and make it all right? Somebody give God a hand clap, you think it would be better but one like this, right? So these guys are in the garden and here comes the devil and he slithers his way into the garden. First thing I want you to see is that the devil comes and tries to break down the communication between God, between the man and between the woman. Whenever Adam is first given the rules in the garden about what he could eat and he can’t eat, eve is not even created yet.

It was given to the man first and I don’t know if God came back and Doug to say it in the text and reinstated the rules in front of ease or if it was just Adam’s job to tell his house and to communicate to his house. Let me say this. Communication is key in marriage and family. Somebody say amen to that. Now, a lot of guys, the way we communicate is typically through grunts and snores and noises like a Sasquatch ride. It’s, it’s our way and it’s our makeup. And so sometimes we have a hard time communicating who we are, our feelings, what we want, what we need, what we designed our own down to our family members. And I dunno about you, but I was from a household. Ah, it’s all boys in the house. There was dad and then there was mom and this was the communication pattern I saw growing up.

So whenever dad wanted to tell us, boy something, he would call mom into the back somewhere and he would tell mom what he wanted out of one of us. And then mom would come out and tell us what dad wanted. So it was kind of like the system in the Bible where the father speaks in the Holy Spirit, brings the word down to you. And then we would communicate back through our mother to our father, right? Then we would tell our mom what we felt in our mom would take it back and tell it to our dad. So the communication was all messed up. The devil comes in and he goes after the communication. The first thing he says is, has God really said, is this really the rules? Is this really what’s going on? See, some of you are communicating so poorly in your marriage. You’re expecting something from your spouse that you’ve never ever communicated to them, and you’re waking up with this vision of a movie that’s going to play out in your life that nobody knows about, but you and in your tore up and let down because you have a false expectation that you’ve never communicated.

Come on. We got to learn to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves and communicate the truth of the word of God and what we need in our life and in our marriage. Do you think that’s preaching? Come on, somebody. Give God a hand. Clap this. This morning. The communication is key. So eve has either just inner sinful nature rebelled against the communication, or Adam didn’t do a good job, Sharon. It might’ve been a little of both. I don’t know. We’ll find out when we get to heaven, won’t we? So, so we’ll figure it out then. But, but here’s the thing. The devil goes after the order in this house to notice are really, it’s on Adam to tend and to keep the garden to watch over his house. Adam was placed in charge of the garden, needless created to be a help meet to Adam.

So when the full happens, it’s not Eve’s fault, she was a part of the fall. But the liability and the blame lies on Adam men. Let me talk to you for a moment. We have been put in charge of our households and the accounting and the blame and all of the buck stops with us. Come on, somebody say amen. And in life when you’re in charge, sometimes people do things under your authority. You didn’t do it and you aren’t a part of it. But help me. You know, you still have to take ownership for what happens under your realm of authority in churches like that. All the town, there’s a thousand people come to this church a lot of times on the weekends and I love them all in the Lord, but how many know we got some crazy people that come to church with us and we want to keep it that way?

Somebody say amen to that, right? If we got all perfect people in here, we’re not doing our job. And so there’s stuff that happens in lives and families out there and I’m telling you as a pastor, the Bible says this, that I’d given a count for their soul. It’s heavy, isn’t it? I don’t have a remote control on any of you. You know what I know about people? People do exactly what they want 100% of the time. Can I get an amen out there and still the end of the day I’m going to give an account for every soul that’s been entrusted to me. Now, no. The same is true in my household that had been placed in charge of my house. And whenever the devil slithers into the garden of my home, it’s my job to stop it and to cut off its head.

And so God gave this, he gave us communication from him, this to flow into our houses. He’s also given us an order or a flow of authority. Everybody say order. All right, let’s say it again. Somebody say order. All right. Segue. Be say order. All right, so, so here’s the order or the flow that God puts into the household. So the Bible says that the head of every man is Christ and then the man is the head of the home and then the wife is, is under the man. Then the kids. Now before you start throwing high heeled shoes at me, ladies, let me explain that. All right, this is, this is the household structure. I’m by no means Kinda gathered, says a woman can achieve or a woman can’t be. I’m married to a female preacher who I know preaches better than I do.

I know that she’s a show horse and I’m a work horse horse. I’m, I’m for ladies to do well. I’ve got two daughters. I want them to be the next presidents of the United States of America. I want our girls to climb higher and to do well. Come on somebody, give God a handclap. We are, we are for women, um, for them being empowered, um, for them climbing, but out in the workplace and in that part of, of a world, there’s a structure that’s different than the home life and it really is, and people float different. They have different personalities, but there’s this flow or this order in the household, nor God is a god of order. Some people say things like this, they’ll say, well, you never know what God will do. A lot of Pentecostal charismatics are famous for saying that. You just never know what God will do.

And they make, God almost sound like he’s bipolar. He gets up every morning. He does something different, right? But God remains the same. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. I would submit to you that most of the time we know what God is going to do, right? Every morning we get up that Sun’s coming up and then every night that Sun’s going down about four times a year. Really? In Kentucky, about eight times a year, the seasons change, right? And uh, we, we know their sea time. There’s harvest. We know if you do certain things to your body, you’re going to pay for it at the end, right? We know the, that God’s put in the earth. God’s a god of order. He’s got of structure. He’s the God that sets things up. And so here’s what he does. Somebody has to be in charge in the household.

So he puts the man in charge. Now, some of the difficulty comes with this is sometimes men have never come out of being the 17 year old boy in their life. Navy seals say this. One of the first things we do in seal training is we kill the 17 year old boy on the inside of every man. And I start talking about ordering. Some ladies are like, Brian, but you don’t know. My husband, I’m like, oh no, I know your husband drives me. Right. And if we can get him grown up than he can lead at a higher level. But, but God’s designed him to lead at a higher level. And so it’s like this. I see the husband in the household, like the quarterback on the football field. I grew up playing football, started in second, third grade, played til I got out of a high school.

And if you look at a guy like me on a football field, gases that are built like me never got to carry the football. Right? Boys like me don’t play quarterback. We blocked for those who play quarter banks. If you grew up shopping in the Husky section, you never scored a touchdown. And I still live in the Husky section to this day of my life. So, so there’s a quarterback on the field and it’s my job to bought for him. I was an offensive guard and to be honest, back then I probably knew the offense that we ran at the high school I came out of as well as the quarterback. I could read the field about as good as the quarterback could. And so we get ready to run a play. I’m down to my three point stance quarterbacks behind the center. He’s calling the place and he has the opportunity to audible or to change the play.

And so I might look up and I see a linebacker blitzing and it’s my job to call to him and tell him the linebacker’s blitzing. I’d scream blitz blitz right here to two old blitz blitz. If I saw a defensive end is going to crash, I’m saying the INS crashing, I’m screaming things DM like that. If I see a quarterback’s come up to run into the Backfield, I’m letting him know the quarterbacks there. So it’s my job to give him the information. Now it’s his job to make the coals with the information I’ve given him. And a good quarterback will listen to everybody’s calls big out fast. They got to move. They’ve got to be listened to. Everybody calling out what’s happening on that field. And if they need to change their decision, they got to make it in a split section. Say a second.

They have to make that decision. So it’s my job to let him know what’s coming. It’s his job to make the call. And so once I’ve let him know what’s coming, he can call their own plate. It’s his funeral. It’s on him. Cause that end is going to stand him up and that linebacker is going to tear his head off. So he wants to make the right call. Men, you want to make the right calls. Somebody say Amen, right? It’s our funeral if we call the wrong way. So, so I think it’s like this. If you’re a good leader, Gosh, you’ve been called to lead in your household, you listen to everyone’s, you validate them, you give them preference. Come on, you love your wife. Like Christ loves the church and you only lead or make a call when it really, really, really matters. How many, I’ll think a good leader doesn’t throw his authority around. He only uses his authority when it really, really, really matters. Y’All believe that? Give God a hand clap

when you use your authority.

I use my authority like that in my household sparingly. I haven’t picked where we’ve eaten lunch in 19 years. I haven’t had, I haven’t picked up, I haven’t dressed myself on Sunday morning unless Jessie’s out of town in 19 years. Right. Because I know there’s so many things she’s better at than I am at, you know, women, a lot of times they have instinct about people and they feel things. God does that, that men, they don’t have it. They don’t feel as much as women feel. So like we’ll be at a party somewhere and Jesse will be like, did you notice that strange guy in the corner? I’m like, what? Strange guy. She’s like, his name was Freddy knee had this call and his right hand, you know, had a weird looking sweater kind of scarred face. I’m like, Nah, I didn’t notice him. She’s like, you didn’t see Freddy Kruger in the corner of that party.

And um, I’m oblivious. So I think it’s like somebody in the passenger seat, they got a view that you don’t have. You’re looking left, they’re looking right. You better listen to the person in the passenger seat or you can get blind sided. So here’s what I believe. I believe that the immature, see leadership, they see order the inventory, see leadership as a privilege, but the mature, see leadership as a responsibility. We say it again, the inventory. See leadership as a privilege, but the mature see leadership as a responsibility. It’s really maturity when you start to see, I get to lead. So listen, here’s, here’s the kind of calls that I’ve made in 19 years of marriage. I’ve made the calls on like my final say is on where we’re going to live. Like I made the call to come to Owensboro to plant this church, and now Jesse put a lot into that call.

She talked about it, she thought about it. But at the end of the day she’d say, listen, God spoke to Brian to come to Owensboro and to plant a church. But he never told me to come here. And, and like where we live, what house we live in. I’ve never had an opinion, not care what the house costs, but I can sleep anywhere. And guys that want to fight with their wives about the color of the paint in the walls. I do not understand you at all, right? Just let them do whatever they want and hold on to that call for when it really, really, really, really matters. And it’s life or death. That’s what the mature does. Come on. Somebody give God a hand clap.

I believe that we’re called to be mature and that’s ordered.

Now let Jesse Talk to you about, uh, you ladies about the, the submitting when those things happen, because really we’re called as Christians to learn to submit one to another. In many ways there’s ordering authority in the kingdom and even in the church. And for me, I’m in charge of this church. I’m the, I’m the, I’m the lead elder of the Amarillo church and I’ll give an account for what happens here. But there’s men in the room and there’s other lead elders in my life that man, they call him, they tell me on outline here, I’ll submit to them. But here’s the thing about submission. It’s never submission until you disagree.

Does that make sense? It’s never submission until you disagree. When you disagree, that’s when the Christian practice of submission comes in and it’s tough. And it’s hard, but it’s something that we’re called to. We’re supposed to submit ourselves to the will of God every day. Submission is a powerful thing, so listen, there’s this order in the household. Now believe whenever we get our order right, we get our order line, Dell. It makes it hard for the devil to take advantage of us. What are the next things I see here is there’s an extreme responsibility. Once Adam and eve, they mess up. What do they do? They try to, they try to pass the buck or the responsibility for their sin on somebody else. God comes to Adam and he says, Adam, did you eat of the tree in the center of the garden? And he says, yes, but he turns around and [inaudible].

He says, [inaudible] God, I ate of the tree in the center of the garden. But that woman, by the way, that you gave me, right, blends it all the woman and then ultimately blames it on God in that just like humanity. That woman that you gave me, she gave me the fruit and I ate of it. Then he turns around to the woman and the woman turns around and says, it was the devil turns to the devil. Everybody takes up the blame game. Now I’m telling you, until we take extreme ownership for all of our actions in our family and in our marriage, will never have the God honoring Christ centered marriage and family that were called to hat. You know, America’s like this. The Democrats want to put it, the Republicans and say it’s all their fault, and the Republicans want to blame the Democrats and say it’s all their fault. The people that gain weight would love handles, pointed the fast food franchises and say it’s all their fault. The person that gets burned by the Mcdonald’s cup sues them and wins and says it’s all their fault. But how be you know most of the problems we have in our life, it’s not the other political party. It’s not the fast food restaurant. It’s not the devil. It’s not the woman. And it’s certainly not God. It falls on us in our household. Somebody say amen to that.

And if we see it like that, God can start to heal us. But we got to take ownership. Var, partner, marriage, our partner, family or part in everyday life. And it’s that extreme ownership that begins to change things in who we are. You know, a lot of people always want to say, you know, well everything happens for a reason. I’ll never forget I was at, I was at a function one night. There were a group of people that had got themselves in a whole lot of trouble. They’d broken some laws and they’d done some things they really shouldn’t have done. There was a guy that was looking at it at big trouble over this situation. Now I’m standing in the restroom and he walks into the restroom and everybody knows he’s probably looking at some time. He walks into the restroom and he sees me.

I’m the preacher, right? And we know each other. So people always feel like they’ve got to say something spiritual to a preacher. All right, please don’t try to, don’t do that for my sake. I Tom saying. So it goes up to me and he looks over at me and he says, you know, everything happens for a reason. And I’m looking at it. I’m like, yeah, sure. Nuts. You know, and uh, the reason is that you committed fraud and the reasons you, and I’m telling you I don’t have love handles because of the fast food restaurants. I’ve love handles. Cause I supersized my price. The only person that gave me love handles is me. Come on, somebody say amen to that. And so if we can look at our marriages and I can say, hey, there’s, there’s places in my marriage that it’s just my fault that it happened like that.

And I’m sorry. Nothing. Some of the strongest things we can learn and marriage and families. I’m sorry I was wrong. Please forgive me. All right. How many y’all can say that out can to somebody. You can’t. I see you like cringe whenever I’ve said it. Come somebody say this out loud. See, I’m sorry I was wrong. Please forgive me. Let’s try it again so you can get used to it. Somebody say, I’m sorry I was wrong. Please forgive me. You know, that’s really life past marriage. That’s every relationship you meet. People that cannot be wrong, cannot be sorry and cannot own up. You’re looking at people that will never go higher in life, but the moment we learn to to own up and take ownership, I think God’s got something he can work with. Here’s the next wonderful thing I see in this text. Now tell you what, I’m, I’m, I’m out of time so you can stand up on your feet now.

I’ll close. I’ll close with this. The next wonderful thing. I see what this text said after all this happens. All right. God starts to prophesied. God speaks a word that’s going to alter the world. So I prophesize to the devil and he puts the devil in his place. He says, you’re going to go on your belly. You’re going to eat dirt all the days of your life. How many are thankful that we’re not called to eat dirt? It’s the devil that’s called to eat dirt. Come on somebody. We’re on the winning team at the end, not on the losing team, so it speaks to the devil. He says, you’re going to eat dirt, speaks to eve, talks about her childbirth, speaks to the man, talks about is labor and his work is toil, is sweating. It tells him all that. Then afterwards he brings them something to cover, right?

It’s going to cover them. They realize they’re naked, they’re shamed. Earlier in the text they were naked and not ashamed. It’s before the fall. I don’t know. There must have been eating Kido or something too, you know, cause they, they were, they were proud when they were naked, but afterwards they were shamed. So God comes and he says, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m gonna, I’m gonna. I’m gonna cover again. And most theologians agree that this is the first blood sacrifice that ever happens in the scripture. It’s where do they get the skins? He covers them in skins and covers them in first. Most people believe that God brought an animal in front of Adam and eve and the slaughter. Those animals in front of Adam and Eve knees showed them your sin, your transgression. It’s not only broken the world you’ve lived in, but it causes death in the earth and for your sins to be forgiven, something has to die.

So God himself slaughters the animals and then takes the skins and puts them on Adam and eve and covers them. Here’s what I believe about Christian marriage. I believe that Christian marriage has an element where it covers us, our transgressions, our sins, our shortcomings, our iniquities. God finds a way to put us with a person that can help smooth out those rough places in our life. It’s the function of marriage and it makes you better, and instead of your, your badge Fox being exposed, the bad things about you gets covered by the blood of Jesus, covered by the grace of God covered by a covering that will make you whole and you don’t have to live in shame anymore. I’m looking at some of you guys, I know if you wouldn’t meet if you weren’t married to the woman you’re married to, you would already be dead.

Some of you guys ought to say Amen and give God a hand clap for the goodness that he gave you in your life. I know that my life like when God save me, save me, deliver me from addiction, got me filled with the spirit, got my feet on a rock, and then he gave me a Jessie Gibson gave me the Holy Spirit and he gave me another Holy Spirit by the name of Jessie that that’s covered me and helped me all these years. Now I’m telling you, that’s what we ought to be in our marriage to one another. Love one another, cover one another, help one another. Lift one another right before one another. Stop fighting with each other. You are not each other’s enemy. You are on the same team. Amen. We are a team and our marriage. Here’s what I want to do. I want to pray that God would move that and all of our lives, we’d have a supernatural unity in our, in our households.

The God would bless us. You’re standing by your spouse. Just go ahead and grab a hold of their hand. Listen, if you’re standing in by a stranger, please don’t grab their hand right now. It’s going to be awkward. All right? Don’t do that drought there and you’re not married, but you want to be. Yeah, you maybe you won’t lift a hand to heaven. Just lift a hand to heaven. All you single people glance around. Now’s your chance to seniors available right now. It’s your moment. All right, you got a moment right now. All right. So some of you are like, Hey, right here I am. You know, just get nobody’s lifting in their hand now. All right. Uh, grab hold of their hand. I want to pray for our marriages today. All right. Pray God to bless us and help us. Come on God’s here.

Spirit of God’s here. Let’s pray. Father, I pray for every family and every marriage under the sound of my voice right now. Lord, I pray that you bless him, that you would help us. You give us a supernatural order. Give us a real sense of responsibility. I pray, father, that you would come now, that you would pour out your spirit in every household, that you would bless these people. I pray what God’s put together. Let no man let no man put asunder. I pray, Lord, that you would catch for us a little foxes that spoil the vine. Now I pray that you would turn the water into wine if the cane feast of Galilee. I pray, Lord, that you’d save the best for last. Lord, show us where we need change. Show us where we need order. Show us where we need help. Lord, bless us supernaturally.

I pray, lead us and guide us. Now pray for those that that say, Hey, I want a spouse. I’ve prayed that they would find the right people now in the name of Jesus at the right time. Lord, I pray that you would keep them from those who’ve come sin from the evil one. I know whenever you want to bless us, you bring someone into our lives. Whenever the devil wants to curse us, he brings someone into our lives. I pray that those sin of the devil would be stopped, and those brought by God would come right up into the forefront in your time. And in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Lord, I speak a blessing over every marriage and every household in Jesus mighty mighty name. And the Church said, Amen. Amen. Amen. Come on, let’s give God one more hand clap in the Amarillo Church house.