I’m excited to get to teach you tonight. I, I was hoping to have all the balcony full, but I’m glad you’re here. Anyway, I’m glad you’re here. And I guess the wind took care of the Amarillo Church balcony, but that’s okay. Now tonight, listen, is it’s going to be a little heavy duty if it is it okay if I get a little heavy duty with you? How many of you know we can’t live on just the verses we like now lock the doors. Don’t let anybody out of here. I know I’ve already scared somebody, but it won’t be that bad. We’re going to hear some truth. And how many of you know truth sets us free? The Lord is he put in my heart though something tonight that I want to, I want to teach you. And uh, it’s very important information. My title tonight is real simple.

It’s, it is this. Don’t be deceived. Don’t be deceived. Let’s bow our heads and pray just for a moment. Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask you to impart your living word into our hearts so that we would not be deceived. Lord, may your Holy Spirit teach us and lead us and guide us into all truth so that we would be not deceived. We trust you to do it. We’ll open our hearts and we’ll open our Amarillo Church minds to your truth, to your word. In Jesus’ name, Amen. And Amen. Uh, I like to, I like to confess this and I want to, I know I’ve prayed a prayer, but I want us to make a confession as well. If you got your Bible, hold it up. If not, just hold up your hand and say this. This is the Bible. It is the word of God.

I believe it. I believe every bit of it and I know it’s truth and I believe it makes me free. Amen. Praise the Lord. Turn if you will, in your bibles to Deuteronomy the 11th chapter and Verse 16 we’re going to start right there again, my title is don’t be deceived. Now, I’ll tell you what, I don’t. I in these days now where I’m not teaching, everyone’s in on an every Sunday. Everyone’s in, not never son. And everyone’s now and every Sunday I’m teaching about one Sunday a month and maybe one or two Wednesdays a month. And some people have asked me, they’ve come up to the lobby and they’ve said, hey, I want to know what you’re preaching schedule is. And I have to tell them, I can’t tell you my preaching schedule. You’re no supposed to come just to hear me. I don’t want you to come just to hear pastor Bryan and I don’t want you to come just to hear pastor Jesse.

And it wouldn’t be good for you to come just to hear me. How many of you know where one church? And, uh, we, we love all of our pastors in every one of our pastors have a good word to impart into our hearts. Amen. So I’ll know some of your big Jesse Gibson fans, but you get me to now. That’s just the way it is. And, uh, we can’t, we want you to come to church consistently because that’s what we ought to do. Well, to be in the House of God, it doesn’t matter who the speaker is. Amen. Amen about having said that, I am going to be preaching March the 31st I just want to let you know that, uh, that’s going to be, that’s good. But I want you to come this Sunday in, in here. Pastors, Bryan and Jesse and it’ll, it’s going to be good.

They’re teaching on marriage and good stuff. Wow. Wasn’t that a masterpiece Jesse did last weekend? I say, wasn’t that a masterpiece? That was an awesome, awesome message. And they’re great speakers and great teachers and I’m very proud of him and, but I, but the only reason I’m mentioning March the 31st not because I’m trying to get a crowd, but I do want one, but it’s not because of that. I’ve got a very, very special teaching and in fact, I taught it at Odessa Christian faith center a couple of weekends ago. And Man, I’ll tell you what I, I’ve been thinking about this and listen, there’s a good, there’s a good part to not doing so much speaking because it gives me time to meditate and think and pray and get my thoughts together and actually do a better job when I do a do a message. And so I just feel like I’m doing better than I ever did right now cause I got time to think about it more.

You know, I don’t just have to turn out another thing just ever three days, you know. But, uh, I want to speak on the 31st of March after our crusade, we’ll come in, we’ll give you a little short rapport and then on a Wednesday night, we’re going to have video on April the third we’re going to take you to our Taguchi gap, a crusade by video on April the third on a Wednesday night, and we’ll all get to live and experience a crusade surface on their big screen won’t. That’d be good. Yeah. It’s going to be exciting. Gabby, we’re depending on you and Colby to get us some good photography because we want to, we want to be there. We want to smell it. We want to feel it. We want to touch it. All right? Uh, okay. But, but uh, uh, so that will be April the third on March the 31st I’m going to, I’m going to share with you why I believe in God, Why I believe in God.

I’m going to give you five reasons why I believe in God. I believe very good reasons, very concrete reasons why I believe in God. How many of you know, all of us have struggled at sometime in our life over the issue of whether or not God really exists. How many of you know we’d be lying if we said, oh, I’ve never even considered maybe that God isn’t real. W we’ve all had that question. We’ve all struggled with that from time to time. I grew up in church. I mean, I was in the nursery of a church when I was a baby. I’ve been in church all my life except for two or three years of waywardness and play around. Okay? But I’ve been basically in church all my life, and yet I’ve had doubts about the existence of God. I want to give you evidence march the 31st for the existence of God, and I believe you will be convinced, and I believe it’ll give you an answer to give to people when they ask you about the hope that is in your heart.

The Bible says we ought to have an answer ready when people ask us why we have this great expectation of God’s blessing and heaven and eternity, Amen. And a so it’ll be a, it’ll be a good, it’ll be a great service to bring someone who needs Jesus to March the 31st why? I believe in God. It’s, it’s, I’m excited about it. Now on this issue of deception, how many of you know Satan is a deceiver? Listen to what God said in Deuteronomy 11 verse 16 he said, take heed to yourselves. In other words, take care of your sales. Pay attention to yourselves, that your heart be not deceived and you turn aside and serve other Gods and worship them. You see, that’s what happens when deception comes in. Deception can take us away from the true and the living God and calls us to serve other gods.

Little G, they’re not real gods there demi gods, they’re fake gods, their substitute gods, but they are not the one and true and living God in heaven. The father in heaven, no these other gods that can take over our lives and we can end up serving them and worshiping them because of deception. Satan is a deceiver and seeks to turn us aside to worship and serve other gods. Other things, other influences that were too sophisticated in our age of reason to to worship trees and rocks and idols and the things that the ancient sometimes, uh, worshiped. Oh No, we’re so sophisticated now. We worship things like sex and money and movie stars and our own ideologies and the God that we create in our own minds, but differ so much from the god of the Bible. You see idolatry, whether it’s a a wooden stump, someone is worshiping in the woods or whether it’s someone’s imagine an imaginary God that they’ve created in their own mind.

There’s no difference. It’s still idolatry. It’s still deception. It is still to serve another God. Satan, the deceiver seeks to turn our hearts away from God. He doesn’t stop his attack just because you’re saved just because you’re born again. How many of you know that’s when he turns up the heat? That’s when you really become a target and I don’t be afraid of that. Greater is he that’s in you than he that’s in the world and the great teacher lives on the inside of you. The Holy Spirit who can lead us and guide us into all truth, but I just want to make you aware of that deception is out there and Satan is a deceiver. Now, this past Sunday, pastor Jesse talked about Adam and eve in the garden talking about marriage and talking about the fact she mentioned the fact that Eve was deceived. The Bible says that in the New Testament that the woman was deceived.

She was deceived. Jesse pointed out and accurately so that God had spoken to Adam. Don’t eat of the tree in the midst of the garden, but in the day that you eat of that tree, you will surely die. He didn’t say it directly to eve. Eve got it from Adam. I’m convinced. And so God spoke to Adam and Adam spoke to eve, but as Jesse said this past Sunday, Pastor Jessie, she said, uh, it, it seems that Eve was not convinced. She was not totally convinced of the command of God and of the, of the after effects of eating of that tree, which he said was death. Surely she didn’t really believe that fully with all of her Amarillo Church heart, or she wouldn’t have even taken that first. Bought it.


well, the truth is she really, she, she was deceived by Satan, Indiana. Why? It’s because she really didn’t have what God has said in her heart in a solid fashion. She really hadn’t taken the time. It’s apparent to me to really get what God said. Believe what God said, guard what God said in her heart. And, and, and she was, she was a little bit lazy about it, a little bit loose with it. It in fact, when Satan came along and said, is it true that God will not let you eat of all the trees of the garden? You Remember Eve answered the surfing. She said, Oh, oh, we may eat of the trees of the garden. It’s only the tree in the midst of the garden that we cannot eat and neither shall we touch it lest we die. Now this lets me know that eve wasn’t paying close attention because God never said they couldn’t touch it.

God simply said, don’t eat of it. As far as I know, they could have touched it all. They wanted to touch, touch, touch, touch, touch. There was no, there was no, there was no for a bit and some of them touching the tree. He said, don’t eat the fruit of the tree. Was she added to the word of God? God said, don’t eat the fruit of it and if you do, you will die. She said to the serpent, yeah, we’re not supposed to eat, are there? We’re not even supposed to touch it. She embellish it. Have you ever heard anybody embellish the word of God, an ad to it and it folks, if you add things that God did not say, all you do is muddy the waters as to what he did has pertaining to what he did say. See, she didn’t have a grasp of what God actually saying. She was operating fast and loose with the word of God. Does that remind you of anybody? How many of you know human beings have a tendency to kind of operate really little fast and loose with what God has said? You know, you, you, you can quote a scripture that say, well, that’s your opinion on, that’s not my opinion. I just quoted a verse.

You see, the greatest way to be deceived is if you think you’re supposed to judge the word of God instead of allowing the word of God to judge you when you begin to play games with the word of God. When I was young,


before I learned better, uh, I had my beliefs. How many of you know, people have their beliefs? They say things like, well, I’ve always thought, I feel like all the way I’ve always believed it or my favorite, my grandma used to tell me, folks, none of that matters. None of that’s worth a nickel. The only thing that matters is thus Sayeth the Lord. What did God say? It doesn’t matter how you feel. I don’t. Nobody gives a rip what you think you ever figured out. Nobody cares. It doesn’t matter what you they, you shouldn’t even care about what you think. All that matters is what God has said. Eve thought one thing, but it wasn’t what God said and she got in trouble and got deceived in their whole world came tumbling down and you and I are still having trouble because she wasn’t clear on the word of God. So when my young days I had certain beliefs and if I read a verse of Scripture that contradicted my beliefs, I just looked for a way to hook and crook that scripture and kind of twisted and turn it to agree with what I thought

and that’s a bad thing to do with the Bible. I said, that’s a bad thing to do with the Bible. We’re, we’re not here to twist and turn and ramp the Bible around our thinking. I always sit like this. Don’t, don’t wrap the Bible around your theology. No, no, no. Wrap your theology around the word of God. We need to believe the word. Don’t try to make the word agree with you. You and I need to agree with the word now that is going to get you into some deep trouble with some people because not everybody takes this book as the authorized Holy Spirit inspired and errant word of God. I do. I believe this is the book of God. Believe God. Cindy Sun. They left these book, I believe in the bi. Ble. How about you? Amen. Somebody. How many of you would choose to believe the Bible over popular culture? Will you? Will you? Will you decide to believe the Bible over what the scientists say this year? How many of you know scientists often change their minds about different things? How many of you would agree with the Bible and believe the Bible over a college professor, even over your Sunday school teacher. How many of you believe the Bible over a pastor? Even if you love the pastor, if the pastor is wrong, the passengers wrong, come on somebody. It’s all about what the Bible says. It’s not what the pastor says.

Now, having said that, I want you to see that the key to keeping yourself protected from deception is this illumination. We need the illumination of the scriptures in our minds and hearts. We need to know what God has said. How can we know what God has said? Well, because what God said was written and we need to be like Jesus. Jesus believed the writings of the Jewish prophets. I did a series three or four years ago called the writings is still on our APP. You can go to the writings and and here two, three, four messages where I prove that Jesus believed the Old Testament, genesis new Malika and a preauthorized, the new testament through the apostles and according to the words of Jesus and the faith of Jesus himself. How do you believe in Jesus? Then you need to believe what Jesus believed and Jesus believed in the Holy Bible.

He believed in the old and the new testaments, and he believed that it was an errand and they believed that was the word of God. And you believe that it will work for you and it will because Jesus is right. Amen. Some money. Everybody say it again. I believe the Bible, I believe the word of God, and I want to be clear about it now, they antidote for deception is illumination in the scriptures. That’s why we need to be reading our bibles, come into a church that teaches the Bible and uh, keeping ourselves protected from deception. Now, when you start believing in the Bible over any other authority, any other voice, any other opinion, any other position, any other doctrine, again, sometimes you’re gonna run into people that, that aren’t going to like what you believe. But I’m telling you, it’s the truth that sets you free.

I don’t believe you’ll get anywhere but blast if you will believe what the Bible says. Now in the New Testament, there are actually, I’ve found four warnings that say something like this, be not deceived, don’t be deceived. And then the rider, Jesus is, uh, is, uh, one source and then the apostles. And then when they began to talk about what you’re not to be deceived by a amazingly I, I discovered that in all four of those warnings against deception. When they talk about some about the subject you’re not to be deceived about. It’s a very, it is, it always is a subject that people are commonly deceived about. I mean, Jesus and the apostles knew what they were talking about and I think you’ll see that tonight. And the next few minutes, let’s look in Luke 21 verse eight. They knew what they were talking about when they said, don’t be deceived.

Luke 21 verse eight, Jesus said, take heed that you be not deceived for a mini shall come in my name saying I am Christ and the time draw with near go. He not therefore after them. Now here’s the first one. There’s four of them. Here’s number one. Jesus said, don’t be deceived when someone comes in his name and says, I am Christ. Now, the word Christ doesn’t appear in the original Greek. It literally reads like this. If they come in my name saying I am now, I am is uh, that phrase I am is a name, a title Jesus appropriated to himself. For instance, when they came to arrest him in the garden of gets money [inaudible] he said, whom? Whom Siki they said, Jesus of Nazareth. He said, I am. I am [inaudible] and did you know Jehovah means I am? Y’All way means I am. It’s when I name of God.

So Jesus said, I am that. So he says, if a, if a minister, a profit, a preacher, a teacher comes along and, and even saying, they come to you in Jesus’ name and they claim I am or I am Christ. He says, don’t be following after them. No, don’t be deceived by that. How many of you know when Jesus comes, every eye shall see him? Come on somebody. If there’ll be no mistake about it. Amen. Amen. So somebody comes along, says, I’m the Messiah. Uh, be smarter than that. No, he’s not. All right. When Jesus comes, he is coming in the air. He’s not going to come in a real nice $2,000 suit driving a Cadillac. Sam, I’m the cat’s meow. It’s not what he’s going to do. Now that leads me to this. There’s a little more tooth in this. He says, when they come into my name and say, I am literally, or I am the Messiah or I am the set one or I or it can mean I am the anointed one now.

So, so, so we understand somebody comes along and claims to be Jesus himself. We’re not going to fall for that. We know what Jesus is like. We know how he’s going to come. Uh, we can probably avoid that kind of a deception, but there’s a little more here. Think about this. He says, sometimes these teachers will come and they’ll come in my name and they’ll say, I am of the sent one. I am the anointed one. Oh yeah, I’ve got a special anointing and I am God’s Messenger. Maybe they won’t claim to be Jesus himself, but they have a messiah complex. We call it. They think they individually are the spokesman for God. Do you know that’s occurred? Many times in the past century, many men have risen and fallen. Who will stand up in front of a congregation in front of a group of people and say, I am the Lord’s profit as in I’m the only one.

Everybody else has it wrong. I’m the one that has the truth. In other words, that’s what cults are made out of. If Amen, somebody comes along so well, I’m the anointed one and they have this strange message. They got this new revelation that you can’t find in the scriptures. Folks do not be deceived by that. Jesus is saying any, listen, God gave us Amarillo Church apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. There’s five kinds of spiritual leaders in the body of Christ. There are thousands of them. There’s not just one. Excuse me, man of God who has it all right? When you limit yourself to one guy and everybody ought to have one pastor, one senior pastor in a church, but you don’t limit it to just listen to one pastor, one teacher. In fact, Paul said, we have many teachers. We have not many fathers. Some of us have someone we esteem as a father in the faith, the person that really discipled us or want us to God.

There’s people here that I’m your father in the faith. You consider me a spiritual daddy to you and that’s okay. As long as you understand I’m not the profit. You’ve got to understand that there are many teachers and we have brothers and sisters and many people that feed into our lives. They meant somebody. You’ll be watching someone on television or listen to radio or watching on youtube and that and if it’s, if they’re good, they’re good. But when you say, when you start believing one guy has all of truth and he’s the only man of God, he’s the one. Then you begin to have a little bit of a Messiah Complex herself about that person and you’re on your way to deception. Folks, we need the balance of various teachers. No one has all the truth. They meant somebody. So this is a great warning and that he keeps us from following after someone who could deceive us perhaps and take advantage of our lives financially.

Many other ways these cult leaders have done saw terrible things in people’s lives because they somehow convinced them that they were the one that God sent to the earth, and they’re the only one that has anything right to say. So avoid that. Everybody say, I’m not, I’m not going to be be deceived. Let’s go to the second one. Now this one gets tough, but uh, it’s right there in scripture. We’ve, we’ve got to cover at first Corinthians chapter six Verse Nine First Corinthians Chapter Six verse nine Paul, so Paul was writing, he says, no, you not, that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. Be Not deceived, neither fornicators nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers nor extortioners shall inherit the Kingdom of God. Verse 11 and such were some of you notice the past tense.

Some of the members of the Corinthian church in the past had been fornicators. They had been idolaters nor adulterers or thieves or a feminine or drunkards in their past, but he says, he says, such were or by say were some of you, but you are washed. You are sanctified, which means set apart and you are justified, declared, not guilty in the name of the Lord and by the spirit of God. All right. Now, the first deception was Jesus’ warning us about the deception of false teachers who claim to be the anointed one. This warning is against the deception listened to me in that closely that a Christian can live habitually in sin and yet still inherit God’s kingdom. The Apostle Paul says it isn’t so you cannot live in the sinful lifestyles and call yourself a Christian or think that you’re going to inherit the Kingdom of God, which includes inheriting the kingdom blessings in this life and it includes going to heaven in the next life.

You have no inheritance in God. If you are, I live the lifestyles that are listed here. Now, some of these are a little bit blind to us with the King James English, and I want to give you definitions of these and I want you to understand that Paul is saying that we as Christians, listen to me now, we need to be washed in the blood, sanctified and set apart by the Holy Spirit and declared not guilty and the name of Jesus and by the spirit of God. In other words, we need to have spiritual experiences in our lives that separate us and set us free from living the sinful lifestyles, and he makes the point that none of these sinful lifestyles are acceptable in the Kingdom of God. You cannot inherit the Kingdom of God if you persist. Now, I know we’ve all done many of these things in the past, but as Christians, if we persist and living these lifestyles, we Paul says, don’t be deceived.

You will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Now this, this script, this passage here goes way against our modern day American culture. We understand, but we’ve got a, we’ve got a choice to make. I, I’ve got a good friend, Methodist minister, Pastor Stan Cosby, and he wrote in a little blog that he did this week. He said, you know, our choice is Christ or culture. As Christians, we got to make the right choice with, because when Christ Jesus and our culture contradict, we’ve got to make a choice to go with Christ Jesus and against our culture, even if it makes us unpopular. We don’t do it to be mean. How many of you know we love everybody? Listen, and we don’t check people. If there were people, we let anybody come to church because Jesus loves everybody and died for everybody and he wants to save everybody and save and set everybody free from their particular addiction. Amen. So please don’t take this in any way. Condemned atory Tory or judgmental. I’m just educating you. You know, I know people will come home with that. Pastor, who does he think he is? Who is he to judge us? I’m not judging nobody. I’m not the judge. God is the judge.

I’m just the policemen. If you’re running down the hallway out here at 80 miles an hour and a state trooper pulls you over and he says, I got to write you a ticket. You going 80 miles an hour in the, in the, in this 65 mile speed zone. Are you going to jump out of the car and say, how dare you judge me? How dare you judge me? He’s going to say, Whoa, I’m not the judge. I’m just the cop. Okay, and that’s me. I’m just the captain on. I don’t have any judgment for anybody I’ve seen how many of know we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but we’re not talking about past mistakes and we’re not talking about somebody making an occasional mistake. He’s talking about lifestyles here. You get that. What kind of lifestyles does he say would calls us to be disinherited from the Kingdom of God?

Well, the first one is fornication. That that is simply living in sexual contact with somebody you’re not married to. All sex outside of marriage is fornication. Now you think, well, do we have to teach this? Oh yes, we have to teach this. Oh yes. If you’re living together and you’re not married, you’re in fornication. Please go get married. Well, we’re saving it might don’t save up money. Just go get the license. Come on in their office. We’ll do it in five minutes. You’re good. Do you want a big wedding? Then save up for 10 years and have a big wedding sometime, but don’t live in fornication until you save $1,000 please. You can go get a marriage license. How much is it somebody telling me 70 of that bucks. Huh? $35 $35 you said, well, what do we have to pay the church? No, you have to pay the preacher. No, we want you to go to heaven yet married everybody. Look at your neighbor and say, be married. That’s right. Now some people don’t want to be married and that’s okay. Don’t have to get married, but don’t have sex. Is that possible? Jesus didn’t have sex. The Apostle Paul didn’t have sex. Oh yes, you can live and not have sex. Somebody give the Lord a Amarillo Church handclap. That’s the truth.

Some of your mom was, you expect your 12 year old daughter not to have sex. Well, you need to join with her in your sanctification in celibacy. I just got a habit. Then find a husband and be nice to him so you can keep it.


Fornication, idolatry, worshiping other gods, adulterers. That’s somebody that’s somebody having sexual intimacy with someone else. Uh, but one of you at least is married to another party that’s not involved. Okay. In other words, if a married man has an affair, that’s adultery. If a woman has an affair with a married man, she’s in adultery. You’re not supposed to have sex with somebody when they’re married to somebody else. Okay. Is it okay if we just get real here on Wednesday night? Thank you. Got Your permission. That’s good cause here we go. The next one is those that are a feminine. Let me give you the Greek meaning of the word of feminine includes passive homosexual partners or those who allow homosexual acts to be performed on their bodies. That’s what the word means. Passive, homosexual. I don’t want to get graphic, but I’m just reading passive homosexual partners or those who allow homosexual acts to be performed upon them. Then he lists abusers of themselves with mankind. That word means simply homosexuals.


Now the Bible says, and we love everybody. Folks in Jesus died for everybody and cannot tell you something. He will set a homosexual free from homosexuality just like he will set a man free from adultery and a woman free from her fornication. If they will repent and come to God and plead their case before him, I’m telling you, God will set them free. Do not believe this world or this culture when they tell you homosexuality is not a choice. People are born that way and they have to stay that way. That is a lie from the pit of Hell. He says much a lie from the devil as it was alive when the devil told Eve, you will not surely die. Well, yes, she did. Surely died. The devil is a liar. Just because he’s convinced most of the world about that law doesn’t mean that we in the body of cross can accept it and embrace it as truth. We must, we must agree with Jesus and Paul and the Bible, and we must say that homosexuality is okay. Sin. Amen. Then he mentions thieves. Doesn’t matter if you’re a bank robber or if you a cheat your balls. Thieving is thethey covetousness.

You know, don’t be, don’t be less than over your neighbors. Whatever truck, car, house, wife, husband, income, position, power, drunkards, that’s, that’s people that live intoxicated, buzzed living is a sin. Or we people say, well, I didn’t get drunk. What they mean is I wasn’t falling down, puking my guts up drunk. I just a little bit drunk.

People get mad at me for years over the said leave the church or because, because I, I, I don’t believe in drinking. Well, you know, I’m not gonna argue with some, I have a glass of wine. Drink one beer. Do I think it will save you the hell no, but I’ll tell you a buzz live and we’ll send you the hail. Alcoholism is a disease. Yeah, it becomes a disease after the sin has taken hold of your life. The Bible warns us about alcohol and the book of proverbs, it says it’s like an ad or it’s like a snake. It will get you in the, how many of you think you can outmaneuver a rattlesnake? How many of you know snake and slip up on you and you are bitten before you know you’re bitten? That’s the way alcohol or do you, it’s not anything to play with play and with alcohol, like playing with snakes, going out and drinking with people’s like playing with a whole bucket of snakes.

I’m telling you it will bite you in the end and as I always say, you keep on drinking, keep on drinking, keep on buzz and keep on getting a little bit tipsy and a little bit and drunk a little bit here and there. You’ll end up pregnant by somebody you don’t want to be pregnant by, or you’ll be end up in a car wreck or you’ll end up as an alcoholic or you’ll end up as a Christian that claims you have liberty, but the truth is you just can’t get off the sauce and you’ve got an addiction going on and come on somebody that’s no way to live. Let’s live free. Come on somebody. Let’s live free.


God didn’t create you to party. He created you to serve.


Do I believe in having a good time? Yeah, but if you have to have alcohol to have a good time, you are a sick person. Hello somebody. I’m telling you, they’re having a big time in heaven tonight. Ain’t nobody drunk. Somebody give the Lord a handclap.

Nobody’s drunk.

Revilers all here more. We get down to it. Now, a reviler is a slanderer, a verbal abuser, a gossip

extortioners swindlers that means a swindler or cheat. People that price gouge. They fleece people, they overcharged, they defraud. Okay? You sell a car and act like he had, whoa man, this car is mom telling you as the best car. There’s perfect. There’s not a thing wrong with it, but you know the engine’s bad. You know something you or defraud or you are a uh, extortion of the Bible says. So he says, people that live in these kinds of lifestyles are not gonna inherit the Kingdom of God. And then he adds right this to it to catch our attention. Don’t be deceived. Don’t think you’re smarter than the Apostle Paul. Don’t be deceived. Don’t think that you’re right and the word of God is wrong. If you’re believing this book for Jesus to be your savior, you need to believe this book when it says these kinds of lifestyles will down the soul. Somebody give the Lord a hand clap and I would go further and say, if you don’t believe this passage we just read, then you really don’t believe in Jesus either.


Because Jesus in his word, rise and fall together. Yeah. This is a night of self examination, aren’t we? Haven’t fine. Third one.


I again, now listen, you can get, I did drugs, I did LSD, I did coke, I drank, I chase girls. I, I, you know, I did all kinds of stuff in my youth. I’m not your judge. I’m not down on you. I love you. I am, I’m not trying to ruin anybody’s fun. I’m begging you to come to grips with spiritual truth and understand that this world we’re living in is a dying world. It’s going to be destroyed by fire.


We have a god that loves us, but he’s not a Santa Claus. God, he’s not a god. You know, they say son, you know, God, Santa Claus, a chicken with you’ve been naughty or nice. You know, because if you’re not, he won’t come to the chimney. But then Santa comes anyway. And that’s how people think about God. Well, you know, I know the Bible says he judges, but I just, God is love and he forgives and he just forgives me. I’m gonna keep on, I’m going to keep on sleeping around cause I just know the Lord fear. No, he doesn’t keep forgiving you. If you’re sleeping around and you’re not repentant, he does not know the conditions of being forgiven of sin is repentance and faith. Do not be deceived. Come out from among them Sayeth the Lord and be separate. And he said, I’ll receive you. I’ll be your father and you’ll be my child. He makes no promises to people who refuse to separate themselves from the lifestyle of this world.


First Corinthians 15 number three. I know my keyboard player here, he’s right on time. He’s not doing anything wrong, but I am not done. So just sit tight guard. You’re, you’re a good Amarillo Church man. First Corinthians 15 three has anybody learned anything yet? First Corinthians 1533 be not deceived. Evil Communications. Corrupt. Good manners.


the word communications there literally means companionships. Let me read it that way. Evil companionships corrupt, good manners. The Niv says, bad company ruins good morals. The Erv bad friends will ruin good habit.


What’s he talking about? This is the deception that you can live and maintain a righteous lifestyle while you’re associating with wrong people. It’s a deception. You can’t do it. So you got to look at you. Who is your BFF? Who is your bestie? Who is your closest friends? Who are your constant companions? I promise you, you’re either like ohm or you’re going to be like them.

And so if you’re running with the world and claiming you’re a missionary, but the truth is you just won’t be away from Church folks. And out here where you can do dirty deeds. Folks, I’m telling you that’s going to bring you down and your morality. The Bible says, don’t be deceived about this. If you make worldly people your consequent back, I’m all for a loving world, and people take mission trips, go to lunch with them, celebrate with them. Some of them are in our families. Celebrate thanksgiving, celebrate Christmas, but be a witness. But no, that’s not what he’s talking about. Jesus ate with sinners. Amen. So yeah, we do that. Sure. He’s not talking about that. He’s talking about who you’re hanging with constantly that’s rubbing off on you and calls in your lifestyle. They become like theirs. Are you a companion with good people or with evil people? Are you a companion with intercessors or you companion with gossips and slanderers? Are you a companion with sober people, people that are pressing into the Kingdom of God? Or are you a companion of drug addicts and drinkers and drunkards? Take a look at your life. Who you hang in with. That’s your future. Get with the rod crowd. Don’t be deceived about it. And then the fourth one, Galatians six verse, beginning with verse seven, be not deceived.


God is not mocked for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap for he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption. That means rottenness and destruction. But he that sows or plants seed to the spirit shall of the spirit reap life everlasting. So he says, let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint. Not here. He counters this deception that one can plant seeds without getting a harvest. No, no, no. If you plant the seeds, you’re getting the harvest. If you plant cotton, you’re going to get a cotton crop, plant beans going to get a bean crop. You plant unkindness, you’re going to get a kindness crop. If you’re kind to people, somebody is going to be kind to you. If you’re generous, generosity is going to come back to you. If the seeds you sow or bitterness and lies, believe me, bitterness and lies and all the fruit of them are going to come back to you. The Bible says, don’t be deceived about it all. Listen to me. All of life is about sowing and reaping up. Take a breath. I release a breath. I have to give a breath before I can get another breath. Hold your breath right now. Everybody hold it right now. Just hold it.

Escape. Oh, somebody already cheated already. Let out a breath. I heard it was that you carry the preacher’s wife can’t even hold her breath with a well. It’s really a good thing that you release that breath because you was never going to get another one unless you released the right. You got to give to receive and you’ve got to receive to give. If you don’t receive, you’ve got nothing to give. If you’d ever give, you’ll get nothing to risk. You’ll have nothing to proceed. All of life is like that

olive life. God created Adam and eve and put them in a garden. He planted a garden, it burst forth. It was luscious. It was beautiful man. This great surroundings. There were, the river’s watered. It, it was one, it was a paradise. It was a tropical paradise. We, I’ve got a picture, or maybe it was like Amarillo, Texas gold and with, you know, dead grass, you know, it was just wonderful. But, but, but, but, but you know, but, but he then he was to protect it and it was to cultivate it and, and, and, and, and, and keep it nice. And that’s the way your life is. God wants it to be a precious, beautiful, paradisical garden. The, if it’s going to be a garden though, you’ve got to sow seeds. You got to, so the rod kind of seeds. So love seeds, so kindness into your garden. So, so generosity. So sow righteousness, so peacemaking. So prayers. Amen. The sermon. I’ll go to the sermon on the mount, the simplest and the greatest of Jesus’s teachings. And so those kinds of seeds in your life. Be careful what you see with your eyes. You can type, you can choose to look at certain things, men, and you’re so in a c that’s going to become a harvest. I’m telling you, it’s going to be uncontrollable in the end.


Be careful what you’re here, ladies from the other ladies and what she repeat because I’m telling you, those are seeds that’s being so it’s going to be a redraw it back into your life. Be careful how you’re talking about, we’re talking about marriage on the weekends, so the right kind of seeds into your spouse, so the right kind of seeds into that husband. So the right kind of seeds. Husbands, love your wives. What’s called talking about, so have a seat of love. Our wives respect your husbands. What’s it Alma? So respect. You want your, your husband, your respect, you love, you respect him first. No marriage problem can be worked out while everybody’s waiting on the other one. To make the first move. Everybody has to begin to plan, has to begin to sell, has to begin to give, has to begin to obey the Lord, and then we’re planting some seeds that can come back and a great harvest. This truth is universal. This truth is multidirectional. This truth lies in strata. It’s got somebody a waste. So it’s true spiritually. If you sow San into your life, that’s so under the flesh, then from your flesh, you’re going to reap corruption,


But if you sow to the spirit, if you’ll spend time praying and reading the Bible, going to church, serving Jesus, how many of you know of the spirit you’ll reap life everlasting? It’s very simple. It’s true. Relationally friendships, marriages, church relationships, sow good seeds into your relationships. It’s true financially, it’s true financially. You know, here’s the scripture that people really don’t like, but it’s right here in the context. Verse six I started with verse seven. Look at verse six. Let him that is taught in the word, communicate that or communicate me and share with or unto him that teaches and all good things. You know what it says there. It says, when spiritual leaders come along and feed you the word of God, that you should support them financially. What? What? The church has got to take some offerings. What’s the, how come? The church is always begging for the, it’s not just for the church and it’s not just to pay the pastor salary. I’m not the senior pastor now so I can talk about this freely.

He says in verse six that when somebody teaches you the word of God, you ought to share with him all good things in your life that would include anything you’re blessed with Amarillo Church portions of it. Then he goes right into verse seven don’t be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, that is what is going to read. If you want God to bless your finances, you ought to bless the men and the women of God that feeds you, the word of God. Amen. That’s as old as the old testament as they kept up the priests and the Levites. New Testament as we keep it, pastors and evangelists and things, so I’m not preaching just on that tonight. I’m saying that’s one way. If you’re not the only way you need to work a job, you need to get out of it. You need to start a business.

You’re not going to get blessed just giving in offerings. Come on somebody that’s not realistic. Anybody Trust tell you that that’s a false teacher, but it’s a part of it. Be Generous when you receive people say, but people come to church and come to church and come to church. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand them and never put a dollar in the offering bucket. Wow. Wow. Okay. It’s, you know what that tells me? They, they do not value anything they’re receiving in God’s house. There’s no value to them. In fact, you ask them to give, get mad about it. Good man.

All that church wants us our money. No, no, no way. Man. Away may lift your eyes up a little bit. Quit liquid in the dirt. Quit. Look in the, in the direction of the site and want you to look. How about looking into the heavenlies? How about looking up under guard and see God’s promise? If you’ll so you’ll reap. If you will be generous generosity. We’ll come back to you if you’ll sow into the Kingdom of God. If you’ll take care of God’s house, God will take care of your house. Give and it shall be given unto you. Good measure. Amen. Good measure. Press down, shaken together, running over. Men are going to give into your bosom folks. Be a giver, not just with money. Give love. Give forgiveness. When somebody wrongs you for get over it and forgetful. So what? Good seed sower, good seed. Be Not deceived. All of life is about sowing and reaping. Every act, every thought, every day you live is a seed sown. Yeah. Some kind. When you pray a prayer to seed, when you do the dishes for your wife, it’s a seed. When you love, love that hairy legged boy that comes to date, your sweet daughter, and don’t kill him, but make room for me. Nah, showing the shotgun, but don’t kill him. Show him the shotgun. That’s a good seed to sow.

Yeah, that’s a good seed to sow. Clean that shot gun right there in front of him. When he comes to pick her up, just tell me you keep it ready all the time, Jack, that’s a good seed to sow. How many of your people need warnings? And that’s what God’s saying to us. God’s saying to us, don’t mess up your life. Come on. Don’t destroy yourselves. Don’t cut yourself out of the blessing of God by living in some ungodly way. Let’s serve Jesus. Let’s be his people. Let’s live righteously. Let’s sell the right kind of seeds. Let’s not be deceived. Let’s live life to the fullest and get the fullest reward God can give us. Amen. Somebody, hey man, well, I’ve got to quit and everybody said up. Give the Lord a handclap tonight. Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord. My daughters are so happy that I, I don’t greet, greet their dates anymore. Now they’re older now. By the way, my baby daughter got engaged last week. Lacy got engaged.


it’s 33 years old. She got to thinking she might become an old maid. She got worried about it, you know, I said, you’re just too picky. I said, I can find a drunk under a bridge somewhere to marry you if you just want to get married. Of course, that’s not what I want. And she says, Oh dad, Nah, I am pick acid. Well, it’s good to be picky folks. There’s, there’s, there’s, there’s things a lot worse than being single in wishing you were married. Oh yeah. Being married and wishing you were singles a whole lot worse. I’m telling you when those bad ones, that’s, it’s, it’s, it’s hard as hell on earth. Amen. Yeah. So we’re celebrating with Lacey. She’s going to get married. It looks like at the end of Maine. And I’ve all, I’ve had my conversation with the young men. I’ve met him.

I cross examined him. I put him in the hot seat. I asked him about his theology. I see him about what he believed. I asked him if he prayed in tongues. I asked him everything I’m supposed to ask you. Yeah. I’m not gonna let lacy married guy that doesn’t pray in tongues. Are you kidding me? No Way. God baptizes us and the Holy Spirit gives us a prayer language so we can pray for things that we don’t even know we’re praying for and get the Holy Spirit on our side, protect our lives. And I want a man of God to be a husband to my baby daughter so he can protect her in life. Amen. Somebody, come on and take control of your lives. Take control of your family.

So good seeds. I promise I haven’t scared the young man I was, am I? Maybe I mentioned brand, but if he, if he crosses me, he’ll find another. David, I’ll promise you that. Father Tonight, we love our families. We love you. I pray, Lord, that in our hearts will simply make decisions becoming a view positive that’ll give us the right kind of harvest in life. In the name of Jesus. I come against the spirit of deception, the spirit that contradicts the word of God, that lying spirit. It’s taken a hold of some mines and they even in this place tonight, but I binded in Jesus’ name. I command the spirit of deception. Go from them right now. And Lord, replace it with a brand new hunger and thirst for the word of the Living God. The truth that sets us free. A new commitment to believe your word above every other voice in the world, Lord only you.

Only you have the words of eternal life. We put our trust in you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Everybody say I receive it. Amen. And Amen. I thank you for being here tonight on when a little bit long. So sorry about that. If you’re a newcomer, a first timer, we don’t teach on hard substance like this. Every service I promise, can I get an amen? We have a lot of fun around here. Well, we would love to give you a gift and to meet you at these little round tables right over here on my left, your right, and there’ll be someone there to meet you in just a moment. Alright? And we’ve got a gift for you over there. God bless you. We’ll see you Sunday. Praise the Lord.